Ford Explorer Rollover Accident Leaves Woman in Hospital

Thursday, December 6th, 2012 at 11:10 pm    

An accident that occurred late Wednesday night near Billings, Montana has left one woman in the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. According to a statement from the Montana Highway Patrol, this woman was driving a Ford Explorer late Wednesday night near Popelka Road, west of Billings, when she lost control of her vehicle.

After losing control of the SUV, the woman’s car left the road and subsequently rolled over. The woman was then taken to Billings Clinic. Although troopers on the scene could not speak to the extent of her injuries, they did report that they were non-life-threatening. Speeding may have played a role in the accident, but nothing is conclusive at this time.

Ford Explorer SUVs have been widely cited in rollover accidents as they, along with other mid-sized SUVs, frequently have a high center of gravity matched with a comparatively narrow wheel base. These factors combined make it more likely for a vehicle to roll over if a driver loses control when compared to smaller vehicle models, like sedans.

If you or someone you love has been involved in a rollover accident in a Ford Explorer or another SUV, you may be eligible for compensation from the vehicle’s manufacturer. To learn more, contact an SUV rollover lawyer from the Willis Law Firm today.

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