Jaguar makes plans for transparent pillars & HUD in its vehicles

Thursday, December 18th, 2014 at 7:47 pm    

The folks at Jaguar Land Rover unveiled a concept car with its new 360 Virtual Urban Windscreen, according to an ExtremeTech article, that is intended to help drivers more safely traverse urban areas. Comprised of a whole host of technologies, the two central talking points of the 360 Virtual Urban Windscreen are its “transparent” pillar system and windshield HUD.

Utilizing cameras on the exterior of the vehicle, the concept car is capable of making its structural pillars transparent by displaying images on screens that cover the pillars as drivers approach junctions, indicate a turn, or simply turn their head. This is intended to help drivers see cyclists and pedestrians that may otherwise be in one of the vehicle’s blind spots.

The windshield HUD, however, is perhaps the most intriguing aspect of the Jaguar Land Rover’s 360 Virtual Urban Windscreen. From drawing red boxes around approaching pedestrians and cyclists to indicating points of interest on your windshield in real time, the HUD stands to help drivers stay focused on the road without sacrificing some of the more desirable aspects of smart phones.

While all of this sounds extremely promising, the 360 Virtual Urban Windscreen is still just a concept. What’s more, these systems are likely to have a hefty price tag in the first round of production. However, as other car makers develop their own versions of these technologies, it’s safe to predict that features like this will become standard safety features in the future.

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