Aboulia Occurring from Rollover Accidents

Aboulia Occurring from Rollover Accidents

At the Willis Law Firm, we are all too aware that a person who sustains a traumatic brain injury (TBI) from a rollover accident may develop very serious disabilities that can dramatically affect their ability to complete even basic tasks. In particular, an injured individual who develops a condition known as aboulia, which results from damage to specific areas of the brain, may lose the motivation to complete even simple actions.

What Is Aboulia?

Aboulia is a condition characterized by a distinct lack of motivation to complete certain actions. Depending on the severity and specific type of brain injury associated with the condition, a patient may illustrate difficulty wanting to do even basic actions such as chewing food or keeping up a conversation. The following may be linked to aboulia:

  • Passivity
  • Less desire for social interaction and reduced interest in hobbies
  • Less emotional response
  • Unwillingness to maintain intentional movement
  • Slower response time, especially in conversation

A person suffering from aboulia may experience a number of other repercussions due to this disability. However, if a person develops aboulia due to being involved in a rollover accident caused by an SUV, truck, or van’s dangerous designs or electronic stability control system failures, he or she may be entitled to pursue compensation for these injuries and the related costs.

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