Aphasia and Brain Injuries

Aphasia and Brain Injuries

When an injury affects the brain, the damages can weaken a person’s basic abilities such as their ability to create and understand language. This disability is known as aphasia. Unfortunately, there are many different accidents that can cause head injuries resulting in aphasia, including rollover accidents.

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Types of Aphasia

Aphasia is an umbrella term used to describe a variety of different language disorders that result in the loss of language production and comprehension abilities after a brain injury. A person with aphasia may not show the same symptoms as another individual with the same disorder. These symptoms vary widely depending on the type of injury and its severity.

The following types of aphasia may be suffered by those who have sustained a head injury:

  • Broca’s aphasia – a person cannot create fluent language
  • Wernicke’s aphasia – a person cannot comprehend spoken language
  • Global aphasia – a person can potentially lose all spoken language skills
  • Nominal aphasia – a person can have difficulties with a specific type of word

A person who suffers from aphasia may undergo substantial language therapy to help with these problems, but they may not ever fully regain their language skills.

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