Leg Trauma from Rollover Accidents

Leg Trauma from Rollover Accidents

Although most people associate rollover accidents with upper body injuries such as brain trauma and spinal cord damage, victims of these accidents can also suffer serious leg trauma as a result of being violently tossed around the passenger cabin of their automobiles. Health complications and long-term damage from leg trauma can depend on the site and severity of the injury, but a person who suffers leg trauma in a rollover accident often has his or her mobility compromised for several weeks or months and may experience other very serious concerns.

At the Willis Law Firm, we understand the immense difficulties presented to a person injured in a rollover accident. That’s why our firm stands strong and fights for our clients’ rights after a traumatic injury, working tirelessly to earn them the justice they deserve.

Complications from Leg Trauma Caused by a Rollover Accident

A significant leg injury can have long-term consequences for a person’s health and well-being, including his or her ability to enjoy hobbies or go to work. The following health issues may arise because of a leg injury sustained in a rollover accident:

  • Partial or complete paralysis
  • Numbness or tingling in the legs due to nerve damage
  • Bone fractures causing a loss of mobility
  • Long-term joint damage
  • Internal bleeding and blood loss, especially in cases where blood vessels in the thigh are damaged

Rollover accidents may be prevented in many cases by redesigning SUVs, pickup trucks, and vans to lower their center of gravity. If a person is injured because of a poorly designed vehicle’s inability to handle sharp curves and other situations on the road without rolling over, that individual may pursue compensation from the manufacturer of that vehicle.

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