Lucid Intervals and Brain Hemorrhages

Lucid Intervals and Brain Hemorrhages

A person injured in a rollover accident can sustain a severe injury to their brain due to internal bleeding. Excessive bleeding around the brain can lead to a variety of serious conditions, some potentially becoming permanent disorders. These injuries can cause an event known as a lucid interval, which occurs when a person becomes momentarily conscious after suffering head trauma.

If you or someone you know has suffered a brain injury or other damage in a rollover accident, the person or party at fault for the incident may also be liable for your medical bills and other costs. Contact the SUV rollover lawyers of the Willis Law Firm at 800-883-9858 today for additional information regarding your rights and options if injured because of a dangerous vehicle.

What Is a Lucid Interval?

Lucid intervals do not occur in every instance of head trauma. In general, though, these events happen when a person is knocked unconscious by an injury but regains consciousness before their injuries once again cause them to lose their grip on consciousness. The time in between the periods of unconsciousness is known as a lucid interval, as a person can regain their mental capacities for a limited time.

These lucid intervals are defined in the following ways:

  • Can occur for anywhere from few minutes to a few hours
  • Usually occurs due to an epidural hematoma
  • Can help medical professionals determine injury information

Head injuries are often treated by healthcare professionals regardless of the consciousness of the patient due to the potentially severe repercussions of head trauma.

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