Shock After Rollover Accidents

Shock After Rollover Accidents

Shock is a very serious medical condition that can occur as a result of traumatic injuries from a rollover accident. Shock happens when the body does have enough blood flowing through its blood vessels. Major organs and tissue begin to shut down or fail because of a lack of oxygen, which is carried in blood. Fortunately, a person going through shock can survive with sufficient treatment. However, it is a very grim problem that often requires emergency assistance.

Injuries caused by poorly designed SUVs and trucks are often the responsibility of the vehicle manufacturer. For more information regarding your options if you have been injured in a SUV rollover accident, contact the rollover injury lawyers of the Willis Law Firm at 800-883-9858 today.

Rollover Injuries Leading to Shock

When a person sustains substantial injuries, they may begin to bleed profusely. This often occurs internally, meaning that there may not be any outward sign of injury. This blood loss is a serious concern, leading to hypovolemic shock. Hypovolemic shock occurs when a person does not have the right volume of blood in their body, meaning that there simply is not enough blood carrying oxygen to vital areas.

As a result of intense bleeding, a person falling into shock may experience the following:

  • Anxiety
  • Skin that is cool when touched
  • Quick, weak breathing
  • Rapid, weak pulse
  • Hypothermia
  • Low blood pressure
  • Feeling thirsty
  • Having a dry mouth

This health concern may occur because of substantial burns in addition to traumatic internal and external injuries.

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