Stroke Caused by Brain Trauma

Stroke Caused by Brain Trauma

A person who has suffered serious head trauma because of a rollover accident may develop a stroke as a result of his or her injuries. Trauma to the head can damage the blood vessels around and inside the brain. If these vessels burst because of the injury, blood can collect in the skull, placing pressure on the brain and preventing it from getting oxygen. As a result, brain cells can quickly die, which is known as hemorrhagic stroke.

Stroke can leave victims with permanent disabilities due to brain damage. If you or someone you love has suffered this terrible injury as a result of a rollover accident, you can fight back. Contact the SUV rollover lawyers of the Willis Law Firm at 800-883-9858 today to discuss your legal options with an experienced advisor.

Problems Associated with Stroke

Stroke is a dangerous condition that can permanently affect an individual. Although treatment methods have significantly lowered the mortality rate of a stroke, many people still sustain disabilities due to brain cell death. Some of these aftereffects of stroke include:

  • Loss of motor control
  • Loss of language skills
  • Loss of memory
  • Loss of basic cognitive and sensory skills

Treatment for these injuries can prove time-consuming, as it often requires several different types of therapy in addition to some drug treatments. The costs of recovery can rapidly rise, becoming a serious financial burden for the injured individual.

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