ATV Rollover Accident Injures 10-Year-Old

An ATV rollover accident in Danville, New Hampshire caused a 10-year-old girl to sustain serious injuries over the weekend. The accident unfolded Sunday afternoon when a 9-year-old boy was operating the all-terrain vehicle, and had the young girl as his passenger.

The boy was driving the ATV when he came across a sizable rock. The ATV collided with the rock, causing the large piece of machinery to roll on top of the two young children. The 9-year-old was able to escape from the wreckage, and retrieve help for the girl, who became trapped underneath the ATV.

Two adults were able to remove the vehicle from on top of the girl. Paramedics arrived at the scene of the ATV accident, and immediately transported the young girl to Boston Children's Hospital, where her condition was not released. Officers stated that both the driver and the passenger of the ATV had helmets on at the time of the serious crash.

All-terrain vehicle accidents can cause serious injuries to those involved. There are specific instances where these accidents are solely caused by manufacturing defects. These defects can include abrupt acceleration, and the inability to control the steering function.

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