One Killed, Another Injured After ATV Rollover Crash on Thanksgiving Day

One young boy was killed and another was seriously injured after an ATV rollover accident occurred on Thanksgiving Day. Officials in Rowan County are currently interviewing witnesses in order to investigate the accident at this time.

An accident report stated that the two boys, age 7 and 11, were riding on an Arctic Cat 550 ATV when, according to witnesses, the 7-year-old driver took a turn on the ATV at a high speed.

Once the turn was completed the ATV then flipped and rolled completely over. When emergency crews arrived the scene, the 7-year-old was pronounced dead due to injuries sustained in the collision.

The 11-year-old was flown to Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center with serious injuries. As of Friday morning, his condition was unknown. The local sheriff's office, EMS, Locke Fire Department and N.C. Highway Patrol all responded to the crash scene. No other information is currently available.

ATVs can be fun vehicles for family and friends to use, but it is very important to make sure that each driver knows how to handle the vehicle. While they are fun and adventurous, they also pose a serious danger due to the design of the vehicle versus the output of power. Because of this, the vehicle can easily flip and rollover and if this happens, serious injury can result.

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