Volvo testing cloud-based safety equipment

Volvo is currently testing cloud-based safety technology in Sweden that is intended to provide real-time safety information about road conditions. By detecting conditions like when the wheel slips on ice, this system will automatically upload that data and the GPS location of the vehicle directly into a Volvo server. Within moments, Volvo can then transmit that information to other vehicles equipped with this technology that are approaching the road hazard.

Beyond the information automatically uploaded into Volvo servers by the vehicle’s various sensors, the technology will also be connected to the vehicle’s hazard lights. So, when a driver turns on his or her hazards, the system will warn other drivers approaching that area that hazardous conditions may be ahead.

While this technology is still somewhere on the horizon (Volvo has tentatively slated it to be rolled out sometime in 2016), there is a more widespread interest in vehicle-to-vehicle communication systems that are far more complicated than the one developed by Volvo. The idea is that by collecting data about adverse weather conditions and other unanticipated hazards on the road, companies like Volvo can hope to reduce some of the more common risks associated with inclement weather.

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