Kia recalls Sorento for faulty seatbelt

Kia has recalled their 2016 Sorentos for the second time in several months, this time in response to findings that a number of the vehicles have defective seat belt latches, according to on July 29. Kia announced that over 2,500 of their newest Sorentos contain buckle latch assemblies in the front passenger seats that block the belt and prevent the mechanism from latching when the latch tongue is inserted into the holster at an extreme angle.

Kia maintains that the issue is obvious enough that passengers should notice it right away, and therefore will not feel a false sense of security. The 2016 Sorentos, built between October 23 and December 10 of 2014, should be brought back to dealers starting on August 18 in order for the front passenger buckles to be replaced. Owners are encouraged to call Kia at 800-333-4542 with questions or concerns regarding the recall.

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