Inability to Exit the Vehicle

When someone is involved in a sudden car accident, in order for them to be treated by paramedics andinability to exit vehicle taken to the hospital, they must first be able to exit the vehicle. In most car accidents, this is usually not difficult. Unfortunately, whenever someone is involved in a rollover accident, exiting the vehicle may be extremely difficult and even impossible. Many vehicles that are prone to rollovers are also lacking the proper roof pillar strength, which prevents the roof from crushing down on occupants. Because of this, passengers are often trapped inside the vehicle until they can be rescued. Unfortunately, this problem often causes more severe injuries and can often be fatal.

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Risks of Not Exiting the Vehicle

When a vehicle rolls over, a crushed roof means that exiting the vehicle becomes extremely difficult. The potential consequences of such a situation are many and include:

  • The vehicle must be moved in order to rescue individuals, which could cause additional injuries
  • Individuals in the car are unable to exit when there is a car fire due to the accident
  • Increased time between the injury and being able to receive treatment

Roof crushes are one of the most dangerous aspects of rollovers, and unfortunately, far too many vehicle roofs are not equipped to withstand the impact of a rollover, causing car accident victims even further harm.

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