Past SUV, Truck and Van Rollover Accidents over last 30+ years Willis Law Firm

Ford Explorer Rollover

Driver suffered serious injuries requiring amputation of both of her legs and her husband the front seat passenger was killed when the vehicle’s left rear Firestone tire de-treaded causing the driver to lose control and suddenly rollover on Interstate 45, south of Houston.


Geo Tracker SUV Rollover Accident

Driver suffered severe spinal injuries and paralysis when her seat back collapsed on impact in a rollover collision into a ditch.


Chevrolet S10 Pickup Truck Rollover

A five year old boy was thrown from the truck when the vehicle rolled several times, causing permanent long-term brain and nervous system damage.


Mazda SUV Roof Crush

Driver suffered catastrophic spinal compression and fractures from severe roof pillar collapse when her pickup truck rolled down a creek bank. She was rendered a C4 –C5 Quadriplegic.


Jeep Wrangler Rollover

Mississippi college student sustained serious head injury in a Jeep Wrangler rollover accident . The Jeep Wrangler’s “roll bar” collapsed onto her causing a severe head injury. The so-called roll cage or rollbar was never engineered to act as a rollover cage or protection, but rather just a light and accessory bar.


Nissan Pickup Rollover

East Texas college student was rendered a quadriplegic when he was ejected from bed of pickup during a rollover resulting from several deer running across a gravel road.


Ford Explorer Rollover

Front seat passenger sustained spinal cord injuries from a severe roof crush resulting from a rollover after driver encountered black ice.


Toyota Pickup Rollover

Truck rolled during icy conditions at low speed resulting a roof crush and spinal cord injuries to passenger.


Ford Bronco II

Rolled over when driver attempted to avoid a deer at highway speeds in South Texas. Roof crush caused head injuries and serious facial scarring.

k ford f250 superduty 2010 massive roof failure

Ford Pickup Truck Rollover

Ford truck rolled after being broad sided by 18 wheeler resulting in severe roof crush, pinning the college professor causing his death by traumatic asphyxiation.


Ford SUV Rollover

Driver lost control of her vehicle resulting in severe roof collapse and the spinal cord damage and quadriplegia to the driver.


Toyota Passenger Car Partial Rollover Accident

Back seat passenger rendered a quadriplegic when the lap only seat belt failed to restrain her upper torso causing her head and neck to impact the front seat.

ford explorer rollover 2002

Ford Pickup Truck Rollover

Driver was left a quadriplegic after his truck hit ice resulting in severe roof pillar collapse and spinal cord injuries to driver.


Nissan Pathfinder Rollover

Rollover and roof crush renders driver a C-4 quadriplegic after he swerves on highway and loses control and the Pathfinder’s roof collapses onto him.


Chevy Suburban Rollover

Rollover and massive roof collapse leaves driver dead at scene. Roof collapses down all the way to the top of the steering wheel and seats.


Toyota Pickup Truck Rollover

Rollover on I-10 in Texas when deer hunter rolls his small Toyota truck and the roof collapses killing him. He died from traumatic head and brain injuries.


Ford Expedition Rollover

Rollover in Central Texas occurred after driver dodged an animal in road and lost control. The Ford SUV rolled over killing the passenger, the mother of the driver after severe roof crush intruded into the passenger compartment.


Ford F350 Truck Rollover

Rollover in Utah and roof crushed severely down on the 6’3’ driver leaving him a quadriplegic. He was transported to Boise Idaho’s St. Alphonsus Regional Medical Center where he underwent treatment and rehabilitation.


Ford Bronco II Rollover

Accident involving a young teenage woman. The Texas SUV rollover accident occurred after she apparently lost control of her SUV, braked hard, rolled and she was killed.


Ford Explorer Rollover

Rolls over after the driver experiences a tire blowout caused by a sudden Firestone Tire Tread Separation on I-35 in Texas. The detreaded tire caused driver to lose control of the Explorer and it rolled on the interstate highway and then off the shoulder, across the grass median and onto the adjacent service road killing the passenger, the wife of the driver.

suv rollover with roof crush injuries

Ford Escape Rollover

Rollover in New Mexico when driver was alleged to have over-corrected while braking to avoid a road hazard. The passenger, the driver’s girlfriend was killed when roof pillar and roof header collapsed causing serious head injuries and death.

ford mustang rollover

Ford Mustang Rollover

This passenger car rollover occurred in Arkansas when a young CPA lost control while dodging an animal that darted out across the road. The Firestone tire deflated and the tire’s rim dug into the pavement and the passenger car rolled, the roof crushed down and he sustained moderate spinal cord injuries from a broken neck. After intense rehab at Herman Hospital in Houston he regained most of his function back.


Ford Ranger Truck Rollover

East Texas man suffered head injuries from the rollover when the roof of this small pickup truck failed and collapsed onto his head and neck.


GMC Van Rollover

Rollover renders Houston man a Asia D-C5 quadriplegic. Injured band member was the front seat passenger and was injured when the front seat back failed and collapsed instead of holding him in place. The man was stabilized by several witnesses that stopped and assisted. He was transported to Herman Hospital in Houston and later spend months in rehab at TIRR (The Institute for Rehabilitation and Research). He was able to walk out of the hospital with a cane and is back at work and is still playing with his band, almost 20 years later.


Ford Explorer Rollover

Rollover rendered a Central Texas high school student a paraplegic when on her way to school she loses control of her Explorer on the narrow farm road and the roof crushes down onto her neck.


SUV Rollover

Rollover renders passenger a ventilator dependant quadriplegic resulting from a SUV rollover on I-10. Beaumont Texas man sadly died from complications some 3 years after the rollover accident. He was treated at TIRR and released, but after many bouts of bedsores and infections in other hospitals and nursing homes, he quietly died in his sleep at his house.


GM Seat Back Failure Leaves Occupant Paralyzed

GMC van rollover and seat back defect renders our client a C4 quadriplegic. Texas man was a belted front seat passenger when van rollover occurred. The seat back defect occurred in the seat back hinge breaking caused him to be ejected and critically injured. A seatback failure lawsuit was filed and settled out of court.