3 Common Rollover Accident Myths

Rollover accidents are frightening and destructive events that can cause disabling injuries and sometimes death for those involved. In some cases, victims hurt in rollover accidents may be entitled to financial compensation for their pain and suffering. However, many people involved in these accidents may not fully understand the legal options available to them due to several misleading rollover accident myths.

If you or someone you love has sustained an injury because of a rollover accident, there may be legal action available for compensation. For more information regarding SUV rollover accidents, contact the SUV rollover accident lawyers of the Willis Law Firm today at 800-883-9858.

Myth #1: Every Vehicle Has the Same Chance of a Rollover

In fact, SUVs and pickup trucks have a higher center of gravity that makes them more likely to roll over as compared to smaller cars.

Myth #2: Certain Safety Features Can Prevent Rollover Accident Injuries

Unfortunately, even with proper airbag deployment and seat belt restriction, a person can sustain injuries to their head and neck in a rollover accident. Also, a malfunction with these safety features can lead to serious injuries in the event of a rollover accident.

Myth #3: Rollover Accidents Present the Same Dangers as Other Car Accidents

In truth, many safety features in a vehicle are specifically tailored to deal with front-end impacts. As rollover accidents are rare in most vehicles other than SUVs and pickup trucks, there are minimal safety features available to protect the head and neck in the event of a rollover accident.

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