3 Costly Rollover Lawsuit Mistakes

If a person sustains an injury in a rollover accident because of another party’s carelessness, the injured individual may be able to pursue financial compensation. This compensation can provide the resources necessary to attend to medical costs and other injury-related expenses. While this cannot make up for the suffering and pain associated with the injury, it can provide some level of comfort for a person to know that they are financially able to handle the treatments they need.

While considering an injury claim, a potential plaintiff needs to understand a few important aspects of such a case. For more information regarding your rights and restrictions if you have been the victim of a rollover accident, contact the SUV rollover lawyers of the Willis Law Firm by calling 800-883-9858.

Missteps to Avoid

Unless you have been through a civil lawsuit before, there are likely to be a number of procedural issues that are unfamiliar. Committing certain errors in the handling of your case can prevent you from being able to go forth with legal action or may interfere with your potential to recover financial compensation. The following are missteps to avoid.

Mistake #1: Filing for Compensation for the Same Injury Twice

Simply put, this is not allowed. A person who sustains an injury in a rollover accident only can file for compensation from a defendant once. That defendant cannot be sued for the same injury again if the claimant finds their previous award unsatisfactory or fails to win.

Mistake #2: Filing against a Defendant without a Duty to Safety

In all injury claims, a claimant needs to illustrate that the defendant had some sort of duty to the claimant. In rollover accidents, this duty often comes in the form of building vehicles that are safe to drive. If a vehicle is especially prone to rolling over or is built with faulty safety devices, that breach of duty may be sufficient enough for a lawsuit.

Mistake #3: Filing after the Expiration of the Statute of Limitations

Every claim needs to be filed before the statute of limitations, a legal time limit for claims, runs out for that claimant. This time usually extends for several years after a person’s injuries occur, and it may be extended in some cases.

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