3 Important Facts about the Statute of Limitations

When a person is injured in a rollover accident, he or she may want to pursue legal action against the vehicle manufacturer at fault for the accident. However, the case may have expired due to the state’s statute of limitations. The statute of limitations is basically a legal time limit. A person only has a certain number of years to pursue a claim as outlined by the statute of limitations. Once this time expires, the individual will no longer be allowed to pursue a claim for those injuries.

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Three Things to Know About the Statute of Limitations

If you have been hurt in a rollover accident, the following facts are three important things to understand regarding your case and the statute of limitations.

Fact #1: The Statute of Limitations Applies to All Injury Claims

All injury claims caused by SUV rollover accidents are subject to the restrictions of the statute of limitations. However, this time limit, set by the state, may be extended in certain cases. It is important to remember though that even with these extensions, a person will lose his or her claim options once the limit expires.

Fact #2: Injury Discovery May Apply

The discovery rule is a legal principle used in some courts that states that the time limit set by the statute of limitations does not apply until the person discovers his or her injury. In some cases, a person’s time limit may depend on when they realized the injury and not when the accident itself occurred.

Fact #3: The Statute of Limitations Can Vary

Claims filed for rollover accidents that are caused by a vehicle defect may have a different time limit as compared to claims for rollover accidents caused by highway defects. An injured person needs to understand what kind of claim he or she will be filing to determine what type of time restrictions apply.

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