3 Pickup Truck Problems that Can Cause Rollovers

Pickup trucks are popular in many areas around the United States. Many people rely on these vehicles for their hauling capacity and their perceived safety value. However, these trucks are not as safe as some people believe, largely because of the rollover risks of these vehicles.

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Flaws Contributing to Rollover Accidents

There are both design and manufacturing defects that can lead to rollover accidents for pickup truck drivers, including:

#1: High Center of Gravity

Trucks are typically much taller than cars yet only slightly wider, which means they have an elevated center of gravity. The high center of gravity in a truck means that it is not made to handle sharp turns or changes in direction, which could lead to rollovers.

#2: Lack of Stability Control

Although many trucks now include electronic stability systems, older models may not have this important safety device. Without this added safety feature, a truck driver has no help from their vehicle when they start to tip over.

#3: Tire Failures

Due to the additional weight from the truck’s body and cargo, truck tires must withstand high amounts of stress. If a truck has defective tires, the driver and passengers may be at increased risk for a blowout accident, which can lead to a rollover.

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