3 Rollover Dangers That Could Threaten Your Family

Many families buy SUVs instead of smaller sedans because of the size of these vehicles. With a bigger car, parents may feel that their children are safer and they will also have more cargo space to haul around items. However, there are some very serious safety concerns that SUV buyers need to recognize before getting behind the wheel.

Injuries caused by rollover accidents can take a heavy toll on a family, both emotionally and financially. Therefore, before buying an SUV for your family vehicle, you need to consider the following potential SUV dangers:

#1: Lack of Electronic Stability Control

Electronic stability control has become a significantly more widespread safety feature for many SUVs and pickup trucks. This feature assists the driver by adjusting the vehicle before the driver loses control. Many rollover accidents occur when drivers lose control of their vehicles on tight turns or unpaved roads. Without properly working electronic stability control, these conditions are extremely dangerous for an SUV.

#2: Over-loading an SUV

Many people buy SUVs because of their carrying capacity. For families, this means that a parent can carry around the kids’ sports gear, briefcases and backpacks, bags of groceries, and still have space for basic car safety devices like flashlights and jumper cables. However, some SUV advertizing can be misleading. Although these vehicles can manage this much weight, the added weight may increase the likelihood of a rollover.

#3: SUV Design

In some cases, the design of a vehicle itself can be dangerous. SUVs are already taller than the average sedan, and are usually only slightly wider. If an SUV is too tall and not wide enough, the center of gravity may be dangerously high for that vehicle. This makes the vehicle much more likely to roll over.

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