3 Things to Remember after a Rollover Head Injury

A rollover accident can be horrifying for anyone trapped inside of the rolled vehicle. These accidents cause a vehicle to tumble over, potentially throwing around passengers inside the cabin. If the roof cannot sustain the weight of the vehicle, it may collapse, causing significant injuries to the head and neck of these rollover victims.

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Important Head Injury Reminders

In the instant that your car begins to roll, a certain degree of panic is likely. However, in the ensuing minutes, hours, days, and weeks it is important for an injured party to bear the following in mind regarding head injuries.

#1: Head injuries may develop over time.

Although a person may seem fine after an injury, the sad truth is that they may have sustained a serious injury that may not be readily apparent. Very serious head injuries such as concussions and hemorrhages can occur without a person immediately noticing. However, these injuries can eventually cause some severe health problems if not treated quickly.

#2: Head injuries can cause permanent disability.

Head injuries after a rollover accident should not be taken lightly. These injuries can lead to a permanent loss of cognitive abilities or motor skills. A person suffering from a long-term headache or similar symptom of head trauma should be evaluated by a medical professional promptly after an accident.

#3: Head injuries are especially common in rollover accidents.

Due to the physical force put on the head and neck, a person who even marginally suspects that they may have been injured in a rollover accident should see a doctor. These injuries can prove difficult to diagnose in some instances, but have been repeatedly linked to rollover accidents.

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