3 Tort Requirements in Rollover Lawsuits

Rollover accidents are likely to leave victims with significant medical bills, property loss, and other damages. A civil lawsuit may help these motorists to recover financial compensation for their medical bills and other expenses tied to the injury. However, for these lawsuits to be successful, a person needs to prove a few key facts about the events of the accident and their consequences. These parts are the elements of a tort, which are basic requirements for a lawsuit to be allowed to proceed.

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What are the Requirements?

In criminal cases, the prosecution must prove that the evidence and testimony suggest that the defendant is guilty beyond the doubt of a reasonable person. In a tort action, for a case to be allowed to go forward, the plaintiff must demonstrate the presence of the following.

A Duty

In every lawsuit, an injury claimant needs to prove two very important facts. The first is that the defendant owes them some sort of duty. In rollover accidents, this often comes in the form of a manufacturer producing safe products for consumers. Once a claimant proves that the defendant had some sort of duty owed to the claimant, the claimant then needs to prove that the defendant breached this duty.

An Injury

Every claim needs some sort of injury sustained by the claimant. This injury can be physical, emotional, or financial, but it must be an injury that is perceived to be somehow compensable.

A Causal Link

The injury sustained by the claimant must have been caused by the defendant’s breach of duty for an injury claim to be successful. Without proving this link, a claimant may not secure compensation for their injuries.

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