5 Brain Disorders Linked to Rollover Trauma

When a person is injured in a rollover accident, they may sustain severe trauma to their head. This can cause injury to the brain, or may lead to bleeding around the brain. If a person develops a cerebral hemorrhage, or bleeding around the brain, the pressure built up from the blood can eventually cause that person to lose healthy brain cells. This pressure or direct trauma can have potentially permanent consequences for an injured individual.

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Brain Injuries Following a Rollover Accident

A person injured in a rollover accident may have sustained these injuries because their vehicle was poorly designed or did not come with properly working safety systems. As a result, injuries such as head and neck trauma can be particularly common. If these injuries cause serious trauma to the brain, a person can develop the following types of disorders:

  1. Aphasia, or the loss of language abilities
  2. Paralysis, or the loss of motor skills
  3. Amnesia, or the loss of memory
  4. Loss of sensory skills
  5. Cognitive disorders, or the loss of thinking and comprehension skills

These types of disorders can leave a person in a difficult state where they are often unable to live the life they used to enjoy. While some of the disorders associated with brain trauma may be improved or overcome through therapy and surgery, others may permanently affect a person’s life.

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