Families of Americans injured or killed by defective airbags may need help filing an airbag lawsuit. The Willis Law Firm can represent such families by providing a skilled, experienced airbag lawsuit attorney for their case.

Airbag Fraud

Why are lawsuits for defective airbags necessary? For many Americans, it’s because Japanese manufacturer Takata for years made and sold millions of defective airbags to at least 11 automakers in the United States, as well as elsewhere in the world, but did not admit these defects until recently. That constitutes fraud.

These airbags may have a tendency to explode with excessive force even in a minor collision. Such explosions can send shards of shrapnel (sharp fragments of metal or plastic) through a vehicle, injuring or killing occupants.

Even as evidence of airbag defects mounted over the years, and innocent persons were injurd or killed, Taka denied any wrongdoing.

Indeed, the many millions of auto recalls for defective airbags have been made by the individual automakers who manufactured the vehicles, not by Takata, which sold the defective airbags to them.

“For years, Takata has built and sold defective products, refused to acknowledge the defect and failed to provide full information to NHTSA, its customers or the public,” said Anthony Foxx, Secretary of Transportation for the United States. (NHTSA is the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.)

Finally, after pressure from NHTSA and the Department of Transportation, Takata declared and admitted that its airbags were defective on May 19, 2015.

Failure to acknowledge its airbags defects while consumers died or were severely injured constitutes fraud on the part of Takata and can be part of the basis of a Takata airbag lawsuit.

Airbag Deaths, Injuries

Such lawsuits can seek financial compensation for families of victims who were killed or injured by exploding Takata airbags. Payments to victims can include money to cover medical costs, funeral expenses, lost present and future salary and pain and suffering.

The U.S. has had at least 10 known cases of airbag fatalities, and well over 100 injuries. These can be the basis of airbag legal actions.

Such airbag deaths and injuries have led to a series of multiple auto recalls which now total more than 31 million vehicles in the U.S. alone.

If you have not received a recall notice, that doesn’t mean your vehicle hasn’t been recalled. Some manufacturers may wait until repair parts are available to notify consumers that they can take their vehicle to a dealer for a free repair.

To determine if your vehicle has a potentially defective airbag and is subject to an auto recall, visit https://vinrcl.safercar.gov/vin/ and use the field provided on that Inteernet page to enter your car’s vehicle identification number, or VIN. This will reveal if your vehicle has been recalled.

Airbag Recall Lawsuit

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Your family may be legally entitled to substantial economic recovery for your airbag injury.