Arm and Shoulder Injuries in Rollover Accidents

In the course of a rollover accident, a motorist trapped inside the vehicle may sustain severe injuries to their arms and shoulders. These traumatic injuries can leave a motorist in need of immediate medical care and may even result in significant disabilities. In many cases, injured motorists may find it very difficult to quickly return to work after sustaining substantial arm or shoulder injuries. As a result, the already heavy financial burden of these injuries can only further drive up costs that a victim accrues after such an accident.

Consequences of Arm and Shoulder Injuries

When a person sustains a traumatic injury to their extremities after a rollover accident, they may face both short- and long-term disabilities that can have far-reaching implications. In particular, the following issues may arise due to a shoulder, arm, or hand injury:

  • These injuries may make certain hobbies or sports, particularly those requiring fine motor skills, impossible or difficult to engage in
  • These injuries may make driving difficult or impossible
  • These injuries may make working, especially work focused on manual labor or requiring significant amounts of typing, difficult or impossible
  • Day-to-day activities can become significantly more difficult to achieve, if not altogether impossible, in instances of severe disability

To reduce the impact or pain associated with these rollover injuries, an injured motorist may require substantial medical attention. However, this can prove very expensive, putting a considerable financial burden on that injured individual.

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