Chevrolet Blazer Rollover Lawsuit

2001 CHEVROLET BLAZERIn 1990, Robbie Lambert while driving his 1985 Chevy Blazer, fell asleep and lost control and rolled it off the road. As a result of the rollover, the Blazer roof collapsed causing a broken neck and quadriplegia. Lambert sued General Motors claiming that the roof collapse was due to a defective design and weak components. The first trial verdict was reversed on appeal and on the second trial, a California jury found General Motors 60% at fault and awarded $25,700,000 resulting in a net judgment in excess of $15,000,000. GM appealed arguing that Lambert’s broken neck and quadriplegia was due to his diving into the roof, before the roof crushed or collapsed.

Plaintiff’s expert witnesses determined that his broken neck resulting from the roof striking him at 10-20 mph when the roof pillar and roof rail collapsed. GMC argued that the roof buckle speed was not that great and that the plaintiff’s spinal cord injury occurred when plaintiff’s head hit the roof rail, before the roof crushed. Further GM argued that there is not a safer alternative design.The California Court upheld the jury verdict citing there was sufficient evidence to support the verdict and finding that the Blazer’s roof design was defective.

Chevrolet Blazer Rollover & Roof Crush

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