Common Characteristics in Rollover Accident Vehicles

There are many different kinds of dangerous car accidents, but rollover accidents are among the most deadly. These accidents can cause physical injury, brain trauma, and even death in the worst cases, and unfortunately, many of them are related to certain vehicle characteristics. The rollover accident attorneys at the Willis Law Firm understand the importance for drivers to be aware of structural elements in a vehicle that may contribute to a rollover.

Shared Characteristics of Vehicles Prone to Rollover Accidents

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and numerous other organizations have thoroughly documented rollover vehicle crashes, and they find that there are many characteristics that are common in vehicles prone to these accidents. These characteristics include the following:

  • Weak roof supports, which causes roof crush in a rollover
  • A higher center of gravity, resulting in instability
  • Defective door latches, leading to broken doors in an accident

Though these are not the only things that can lead to a rollover accident, they are among the more common characteristics found in vehicles that experience rollover accidents. Fortunately, if you have been injured in a rollover accident through no fault of your own, an experienced attorney may help you pursue financial restitution to cover damages.

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