Cooper Dominator Sport AT Tire Recall

Cooper Tire Recall – Dominator Sport A/T Tire Recalled



JULY 2, 2007- A Cooper Dominator Sport A/T Tire Recall with NHTSA has been announced a Cooper tire recall of over 91,000 Cooper Dominator Sport AT tires. Cooper is drafting a tire recall letter to notify the tire owners to warn them about potential tire defects, tread separations and failure. These potential defective Cooper Tires were manufactured by Cooper Tire & Rubber Company between July 7, 2002 and March 30, 2005. The Cooper LT265/75R16E Tubeless Radial Tire is the recalled tire in question.  These Cooper Tire have experienced a higher rate of property damage claims and adjustments due to belt separations. Cooper insists that the Cooper Dominator Sport A/T tires are not defective and have no design defects or manufacturing defects. Cooper tires separating at high speeds. Last year, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration initiated a defect investigation into one line of Cooper tires – the Cooper Dominator Sport A/T. Several of the defects of the Cooper Dominator Sport A/T tire involve the lack of a belt wedge and the lack of a nylon overwrap. Both of these important safety feature help to prevent many tread separations. Cooper says there is no problem with the Dominator Sport A/T, or any of its other tires. Cooper Tire denies that the Cooper Dominator Sport A/T is defective. In fact “Our records show nothing which would indicate there is any issue with this tire (Dominator Sport AT),” said Cooper spokeswoman Patricia J. Brown.  Many customers and victims however disagree regarding their own Cooper Dominator Sport A/T Light Truck Tire failures.

Cooper Dominator Sport A/T Failures at Highway Speeds

Many injury & death claims and lawsuits, from accidents and rollover against Cooper Tire Company have dealt with tread separations of the Dominator Sport A/T Tire. Many of these lawsuits are the result of rollovers of SUVs, trucks and vans due to the tire tread separating from the tire core at highways speeds. Cooper Dominator Sport A/T Tire failure due to a tire tread separation can cause the driver to lose control and be unable safely steer and brake the vehicle. Many times, these result in rollovers accidents and severe injuries and deaths. Cooper Dominator Sport AT Tire is now recalled!

Cooper Dominator Tire Failure Lawsuits – Talk to a Tire Defect Lawyer

If you or a loved one has been severely injured or a loved one has been killed in a wreck or rollover accident in which a Cooper Dominator Sport A/T tire failed or the tread separated from the tire and such tread separation caused a sudden loss of control, wreck or a rollover, then call our office immediately to discuss your legal rights. Talk to a Board Certified Personal Injury Trial Lawyer, certified by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization since 1988. Call an Attorney & Law Firm that know tire failures and tire defects. Call 1-800-883-9858.