The concept of crashworthy or crashworthiness means to properly engineer or design of a vehicle in order to protect its occupants during an accident, rollover or crash. Crashworthiness includes minimizing an occupant’s ability to contact with the vehicle’s interior, preventing ejection from the vehicle, so as to minimize injuries to all occupants in the vehicle. Sadly, crashworthiness is not always the bottom line in vehicle manufacturing. Everyday defective un- crashworthy cars, trucks and SUVs are killing hundreds of consumers every year. In many of these accidents, the vehicles are not crashworthy and do not adequately protect the occupants. Many also contain dangerous or defective conditions in cars and trucks can actually increase the likelihood of injury and severity of the injury. Lack of crashworthiness in the design of a car, truck or SUV, amounts to negligence.


• Sturdy seatbacks that do not collapse in a rear-end collision or rollover
• Fuel Tanks, fuel Lines and gas tanks that do not ignite in a rollover or accident
• Roofs- Roof Strength & Integrity that do not crush in and kill
• Door latches & locks that stay closed and locked in a accident
• Seatbelt buckle system that keep the occupant secure in their belt
• Airbags that deploy when they are suppose to and not fail to inflate without warning
• Headrests or Head restraints that protect the head and brain
• Side impact protection zones that protect the occupant
• Front and rear crumple and protection zones that absorb energy
• Rollover Protection Systems that prevent roof crush injuries
• Welding of component car body parts that prevent excessive roof crush
• Braking systems- antilock that help prevent over-steering and over-correction
• Windows and Windshields that protect in a crash and prevent ejection


On July 17, 2001 Mr. Willis was recognized as one of a very select group of products liability attorneys in the nation and was awarded the prestigious Steven J. Sharp Public Service Award for his contributions in investigating and gathering evidence pertaining to tire belt separation and vehicle rollovers in Firestone Tire and Ford Explorer Cases. The efforts by these selected attorneys and others helped lead to the largest recall in U.S. history. This award was presented to Mr. Willis by the president of the American Trial Lawyers Association.


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