Do You Know These Important Legal Terms?

There’s no question that rollover accident lawsuits can easily become confusing and overwhelmingly technical to anyone who hasn’t spent years arguing these cases inside and outside the courtroom. By better understanding some of the most important legal terms and concepts associated with these cases, a person can be more prepared for their rollover lawsuit.

At the Willis Law Firm, our rollover accident lawyers are dedicated to helping you understand the terms and concepts that will be important in your lawsuit, including the following:


In a rollover accident case, a tort is a wrongdoing, an act or lack of action that leads to the injury of someone else. This action is the reason a person may be able to sue for compensation.

Claimant and Defendant

A claimant is an injured individual or the family of that individual who brings forward a case. The defendant, on the other hand, is the party allegedly responsible for the incident in question.


When attorneys talk about compensation, they plainly mean money. Lawsuits aren’t capable of compensating a person fully for what they experienced and lost in an accident, but a person may be able to receive financial compensation to cover their injury-related expenses. This compensation may either be paid through smaller amounts at regular intervals or through one single lump sum payment.

Injuries and Damages

Injuries are the physical and emotional suffering a person goes through in an accident. Damages are the financial amounts a person may ask for or be awarded in a successful lawsuit.

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