Elements of a SUV Rollover Lawsuit

by David Willis, Attorney at Law

Like every product liability lawsuit, a SUV rollover or roof crush lawsuit against the manufacturers of SUV, trucks or vans, contains certain essential elements of a lawsuit that must be proved in order to bring a remedy to the injured party. Every civil lawsuit has three parts: (1) liability, fault or negligence on the part of the wrongdoer, (2) significant damages, injuries & losses in order to justify pursuing litigation, and (3) ability to collect a monetary judgment that is found by the court or jury at the conclusion of a product liability lawsuit. In order to a viable & economically feasible lawsuit, all three must be present.

Products Liability Lawsuit Damages

Besides liability being needed for a lawsuit, the second element needed for a lawsuit is significant damages to justify the expense and necessity of litigation. In the world of lawsuits & litigation, the losses or damages suffered by the plaintiff (injured party) must be enough to warrant an attorney to spend the time and usually his money, filing the lawsuit, taking depositions, hiring experts, cross examination of the other party’s experts and witness, possible mediation and costs of trial. In many states an injured party can file a lawsuit and recovery some or most of these elements of damages or losses, if the evidence supports it.  The lawsuit damages can include past & future:   Medical expenses,    Lost wages or loss of earning capacity; Physical impairment;  Loss of consortium; Physical pain; Mental anguish; Disfigurement; Loss of household services; Wrongful death damages; Survival Action damages,   Punitive or exemplary damages and/or Prejudgment & post-judgment interest. In some states, other elements in a product liability lawsuit or civil lawsuit maybe be added and in some, less damages or remedies are allowed. Before filing a lawsuit, we research what damages and remedies are collectable and allowed in that state.

SUV – Product Liability Lawsuit – Talk to a Lawyer

If you or a member of your family has been involved in a SUV, truck or van rollover or any other serious accident and you have questions about whether the vehicle design, roof crush or roof failure design, seat belts, defective tires, tire separation tire failures, airbags or other safety systems failed and caused or contributed to the accident or injuries, then call and talk to us now. Talk to a Board Certified Personal Injury Trial Lawyer Now!