Ford Expedition Rollover Injuries

The Ford Expedition is a full-sized SUV that replaced Ford’s long-time, popular Bronco line. For much of the vehicle’s production history, it has fit in as a smaller vehicle than the Ford Excursion but a larger option than the Ford Explorer. While many buyers see this as a positive point, the larger size of the vehicle also makes it more prone to rollover accidents.

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Expedition Models

The Ford Expedition is based off of Ford’s pickup trucks, meaning that the vehicle has a high center of gravity due to its elevated height. This increases the rollover risk for an Expedition if a driver attempts to make a sharp turn while traveling too fast. Also, given the size and weight of the vehicle, a rollover can be particularly destructive because the roof can collapse under the weight of the vehicle.

The following types of Expeditions have been produced by Ford:

  • The first-generation Expedition, produced from 1997 to 2002
  • The second-generation Expedition, produced from 2003 to 2006
  • The third-generation Expedition, produced from 2007 to the present

The first generation Expedition scored particularly low in safety tests when it came to rollover resistance, although safety has improved slightly in later models.

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