Ford Explorer Rollover Death Results

In Nov. 2005, a Dade County jury in Florida has ordered Ford Motor Co. to pay $61 million to the parents of a 17-year-old who died when the Ford Explorer in which he was riding rolled over. The Explorer rollover occurred on April 20, 1997, Highway 75 between Tampa and Miami. It did not involved a Firestone tire failure, blowout or a tire tread separation, but rather was untripped, on the road rollover. When a vehicle rolls on a flat surface, and is not ripped by a curb, grass, gravel or other objects, then the stability of the vehicle or lack of stability is at issue. Though many consumers believe that a rollover of an Explorer is due to tire failures, especially with Firestone tires, it was not the case in this tragic rollover accident .In 2001, Ford announced it was spending $3 billion to replace all 13 million Firestone tires on Explorers due to more than 270 highway deaths were reported from accidents resulting from the tire thread separation accidents and rollovers.

Ford Explorer Rollover Rates with Firestone Tires

The rollover rates involving the Ford Explorer rank higher than any of its current competitors. A recent rollover study analysis of national and Florida crash statistics, the Ford Explorer, even when fitted with tires other than Firestone, has a higher rate of tire-related accidents than other sport utility vehicles. While Firestone turned out millions of sub-standard and potentially defective tires, and was the initial cause of loss of control many Ford Explorer Firestone tire tread separation rollovers, the blame has shifted toward Ford for a defectively designed vehicle. In fact, Bridgestone and Firestone may have already started the finger pointing at Ford Motor Company. Firestone Chief Executive Officer, John Lampe has stated that:
“Firestone will no longer sell tires to Ford for use on the Explorer.”There is something wrong with the Ford Explorer. The testing and accident data we have done proves it,” Lampe said. “You can take our tires off the Ford Explorer and it would continue to roll over.”

Ralph Nader’s organization Public Citizen along with many consumer action groups are pushing NHTSA and Congress to recall the Ford Explorer. The problems with the Ford Explorer are just going to continue to increase as the fleet of these SUVs get older. As the suspension, springs, shocks, tires, linkage gets worn out and looser, the handling and stability of the Explorer will be even harder to control in emergency evasive maneuvers and other everyday situations in which a tight responsive vehicle is required and expected

Ford Explorer Rollover Lawsuit

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