Ford Explorer Rollover Verdict In Miami Florida

A Miami Florida jury has ordered Ford to pay Six One Million Dollars to the family of a teenager who died in a Ford Explorer that rolled over. According to the trial attorney, a Ford engineer testified in a deposition that he had recommended in 1989 that the Ford Explorer sport utility vehicle be lowered and widened to increase stability, but that the changes were not made until 2001. This Florida jury has ordered Ford to pay $61-million in compensatory damages to the family of Lance Hall, who died on a Florida highway in 1997 when the Explorer in which he was riding rolled over several times. The jurors were told that the driver had briefly nodded off and, as he woke up, lost control of the vehicle.

Both the passenger, Lance Hall and the driver were 17 years old at the time of the roll over. “Ford did not want to delay the introduction of the Explorer. Accordingly, Ford produced a vehicle they knew was unstable in order to maximize their profits, “he said. But Ford insisted there was nothing wrong with the car. “We believe strongly in our products and will appeal the verdict,” said spokesperson Karen Shaughnessy. “Real-world experience and testing show that the Explorer is a safe vehicle, consistently performing as well as or better than other vehicles in its class,” she said. “This tragic accident occurred when the driver of the vehicle fell asleep at the wheel while traveling at highway speeds.” Ford replaced some 30 million tires in 2000 and 2001 after federal regulators documented that tire tread separation was involved in hundreds of Explorer rollover accidents. Nov. 21, 2005

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