Ford Explorer Sport Trac Rollover Tests Results

Ford Explorer Sport Trac is a mid-size SUV or a Sport Utility Trucks is the. The Sport Trac has a pickup truck bed. The Sport Trac is based on the Ford Explorer SUV and has been built by the Ford Motor Company since 2001. This pickup truck slots between the Ford Ranger and Ford F-Series. Though popular, Ford Explorer Sport Trac rollover accident numbers have continued to climb. In fact the Ford Explorer Sport Trac rollover ratings were extremely high.

Ford Explorer Sport Trac Fails Rollover Test

The Ford Explorer Sport Trac finished dead last in NHTSA’s new “fishhook” driving test. Because of the almost Ford Explorer Sport Trac rollover, and tip up onto 2 wheels, it earned only two stars, meaning the Sport Trac is likely to roll over in 30 to 40 percent of single-vehicle accidents. According to reports, the Explorer Sport Trac went up on two wheels during the fishhook test, in which vehicles are driven through a series of sharp turns.

Ford Explorer Sport Trac Rollover Accidents

This tip up is a strong indicator that a rollover accident of the Explorer Sport Trac is extremely likely especially in emergency maneuvers, sudden and hard turns, tire tread failures, blowouts and accident avoidance maneuvers and other panic maneuvers a Sport Trac driver might make to avoid a collision, object, animal or another vehicle. Ford Explorer Sport Trac rollover test results likely due to stability problems

Ford Explorer Sport Trac Rollover Lawsuit Evaluation

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