Ford Rollover Verdict

Newark New Jersey Federal jury orders Ford to pay 20.5 million dollars to a Bronco II driver left brain damaged after her Bronco II SUV rolled four times after she swerved on Interstate 95 in order to avoid a collision. It was argued and the jury agreed that the Bronco II was defectively designed and was unstable. Further it was successfully argued that Ford had failed to warn the public as to the rollover problems with the Bronco.

The jury awarded Valentini $1.5 million for past medical expenses, $13 million for future medical costs, $5 million in compensatory damages and $1 million for past and future lost income. Ford did not issue a press release concerning this verdict. Ford has lost at eight multimillion-dollar verdicts in 2005 in rollover cases, including five involving the Ford Explorer SUV and one with the Bronco II.

Ford Bronco II Rollover Lawyer Help

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