Hyundai Santa Fe Rollover Hazards

The Hyundai Santa Fe was produced as an affordable cross-over SUV released in North American in 2001. Due to the higher center of gravity on the vehicle, a motorist can roll over these vehicles while trying to make a turn. The resulting injuries from rollover accidents can prove extremely severe. An injured motorist can sustain serious head and neck injuries, potentially leading to permanent issues such as paralysis or brain damage.

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Rollover Problems Related to Hyundai Santa Fes

A motorist in a Hyundai Santa Fe rollover accident may experience a rollover due to a variety of malfunctions. The manufacturer is responsible for designing and constructing vehicles that are free of defects and unlikely to malfunction. However, problems can occur that cause a vehicle to flip over in some situations. These situations include the following potential issues:

  • Rolling over due stability control failures on loose gravel or dirt roads
  • Rolling over due to a sharp turn
  • Rolling over due to a lack of balance during an accident

These issues are largely preventable, as automotive manufacturers should recognize the threat of rollover crashes and take measure to counteract them. In particular, working stability computers and lower center of gravity vehicle designs can help.

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