Inertia Buckle Release

When someone buckles up, they are taking the appropriate measures to protect themselves as much as possible in the event of a car accident. Seat belts are meant to hold a person in place when they are in a collision or a rollover accident. Without a properly working seat belt, a person can easily be thrown from the vehicle, resulting in even more devastating injuries. Sadly, seat belts are not always reliable. With some seat belts, defects cause what is known as inertia seat buckle release, causing the buckle to release at a crucial time.

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Consequences of Inertia Buckle Release

The consequences of a seat belt failure can be devastating. When someone’s seat belt fails to do its job at the critical moment, potential consequences include:

  • Being thrown against the interior of the vehicle
  • Being thrown completely from the vehicle
  • Contact with the roof, causing spine and head injuries

Of the two types of seat buckles – side release and end release – both are capable of suddenly releasing if they are defective, causing a person to lose the protection a seat belt is supposed to offer.

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