Jeep Cherokee Rollover Accident

jeep grand cherokee rollover
A Jeep Cherokee rollover may result in severe injuries from roof crush injuries, airbag failure to deploy defects, roof crush / roof collapse failures, seatbelt releases, roof crush defects, seat belt failures, door lock opening or unlatching and many other product liability & crashworthiness issues. Cherokee rollovers like any SUV can be extremely dangerous and deadly. While the Cherokee boast the Jeep name and legacy, the design of the roof, roof supports can be somewhat misleading. The Cherokee roof often will partially collapse under its own weight and affording no real roll-bar or roll-cage type of protection.

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Jeep Cherokee Rollovers – Injuries & Deaths

In a Jeep Cherokee rollover accident the driver is often blamed for over steering, over corrections, faulty evasive maneuvers or braking, failure to stay within their lane and many other contributing factors. The blame often needs to be turned toward the manufacturer and designer of these potentially dangerous vehicles with weak roofs that crush during a rollover accident.

Some common safety problems with the Jeep Cherokee include:

1. Lack of stronger roofs to prevent roof crush injuries in a Chevrolet Tahoe rollover or Jeep Cherokee Rollovers

2. High center of gravity of the Jeep Cherokee / Jeep Grand Cherokee

3. Seatbelts that can open or release during a rollover in Jeep Cherokees & Jeep Grand Cherokees

4. Absence of roll protection, roll bar or roll cage in the Jeep Cherokee / Jeep Grand Cherokee to prevent severe roof crush pillar collapse

5. Lack of window glazing (laminated safety glass) to prevent ejections in the event of a Jeep Cherokee rollover or Jeep Grand Cherokee rollover accident

6. Lack heavy gauge metal and more welds on the roof of the Jeep Cherokee / Jeep Cherokee allowing for excessive roof crush

Jeep Cherokee Rollover Injuries & Deaths

The Willis law firm specialize in the prosecution of serious injury
cases, involving burns, paralysis, brain damage, closed head injuries, spinal cord injuries, traumatic brain injuries and wrongful death suits resulting from rollovers, roof crush, roof collapse failure, seat belt defects, airbag deployments, door lock openings and other crashworthiness issues.

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