Mazda CX-9 Rollover Accidents

A driver operating a Mazda CX-9 may be at an increased risk of being injured in a rollover accident when compared with drivers operating a regular-sized sedan or coup. The CX-9 was produced as a full-sized crossover SUV, which means that this model is a considerably larger and taller vehicle when compared to many of Mazda’s regular-sized cars. The CX-9’s size raises the vehicle’s center of gravity, making it more likely to roll over in certain driving scenarios.

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CX-9 Rollover Hazards

The CX-9 is built on a midsized platform that is shared by many automotive manufacturers. However, the additional height added to this basic platform makes the CX-9 the modern equivalent of a station wagon. The vehicle’s height and additional weight increase the chances of this model being involved in a rollover accident.

In vehicles such as the CX-9, rollover accidents may occur because of any of the following:

  • Loss of control on an unpaved road
  • High center of gravity
  • Stability control system failures

Rollover accidents can lead to some extremely serious injuries to a motorist’s neck or head. These accidents can result in potentially permanent disorders, including paralysis and brain damage.

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