National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Facts on Fatal Rollover Accidents

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) compiled data on fatal rollover accidents, analyzing the causes and likelihood of these accidents occurring and proving fatal for those involved. The resulting information paints a clear picture of how SUVs and pickup trucks present a significantly higher danger for rollover accidents when compared to normal-sized passenger vehicles.

The Increased Likelihood of Fatal Rollover Accidents for SUVs and Trucks

WIth the NHTSA’s 2002 report, drivers can clearly see the increased rollover hazards of SUVs and pickup trucks. Similarly, vehicle manufacturers should have noticed these safety trends and made adjustments to reduce the number of fatal accidents. This report produced the following results:

  • Only 15% of all fatal passenger car crashes in 2000 were rollover accidents
  • 19% of all fatal van crashes in 2000 were rollover accidents
  • Comparatively, 24% of all fatal pickup truck crashes in 2000 were due to rolling over
  • Most disturbingly, 36% of all fatal SUV crashes in 2000 were caused by a rollover

Rollover accident fatalities are often preventable through several safety innovations. Reinforcing roof supports to prevent roof crush accidents, installing more advanced electronic stability control systems, and lowering a vehicle’s center of gravity are all ways a vehicle manufacturer may reduce fatalities in these types of accidents.

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