Pickup Truck Rollover and Roof Crush Lawsuits

gmc sierra rollover

Everyday in the United States people are being injured and killed in pickup trucks, either in wrecks, rollovers and roof crushes. Pickup trucks, like SUVs and passenger vans, ride higher from the ground than passenger cars and are therefore more likely to be involved in a rollover. In 2002, the statistics showed that almost 45 percent of pickup truck deaths were the result of a rollover crashes. By comparison, only 22 percent of passenger car fatalities in 2002 were the result of a rollover crash.

Truck Rollover Defects

Our law firm has investigated pickup truck rollovers involving Chevrolet S10, Chevrolet Silverado, Dodge Dakota, Ford F-150 truck, Ford F-250 Truck, Ford F350 Super duty truck, Ford Ranger Light Truck, GMC Sierra Pickup Truck, Subaru trucks, Datsun trucks, Toyota pickup truck, Nissan truck, GMC Sonoma Truck and the Mazda B series trucks. In these truck rollovers many different areas were investigated, including defective tires, roof defects, roof crush, defective door locks, lack of safety glass, lack of headrests or head restraints, roof pillar weakness, defective airbags, air bag failure or non deployment, defective seat belts and seat belt latches.

Truck Rollover Lawyer

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