Pickup Truck Rollover Kills Two Passengers

Oregon Pickup Truck Rollover

Pickup truck rollover near Foster Lake, Oregon kills two Sweet Home residents and injured four others, the Linn County Sheriff’s Office reported. Katelynn Dugan, 10, and Brian James Gilbert, 21, died about 2:50 p.m. after the pickup rolled on a curve and threw them from its bed, the sheriff’s office said.

Dangers of Riding in the Back of a Pickup

Though riding in the back of a pickup truck bed looks fun & inviting, the dangers of falling out in a wreck, accident or rollover far outweigh the fun. In the back of a pickup, the occupants are vulnerable to serious injuries and death as there are no safety devices to protect them, even in a low speed crash. In fact  more than 20 years ago, some US auto makers in fact had advertisements showing teenagers riding down the beach while standing in the back of a pickup. Owners of trucks and parents of children should never allow any person or child to ride in the back of a moving vehicle, whether on road or off road.

Truck Rollover Lawsuits – Talk to Lawyer / Attorney

If you or a member of your family has been involved in a pick up truck rollover or other light truck rollover or a SUV rollover with severe roof crush, roof pillar collapse failure or any other serious accident or failure and you have questions about whether the vehicle or roof design may caused or contributed to the accident or injuries, then call us now. Mr. Willis is a Board Certified Personal Injury Attorney with over 23 years of product liability and rollover litigation experience. Call the Willis Law Firm at 1-800-883-9858 for a Free & Confidential Consultation