Dodge Ram Truck Rollover

The Ram truck line has been in production since 1981, starting under the brand of Dodge motor vehicles. Although the Ram line has since developed its own brand, many motorists still recognize these vehicles as the Dodge Ram line of trucks. However, both in older Dodge models and newer Ram models, these trucks are particularly susceptible to rolling over in certain situations.

If you have been injured in a Ram truck due to a rollover accident, the truck designer or manufacturer may be responsible for your medical bills and other expenses. To learn more about your legal options, contact the Ram truck rollover lawyers of the Willis Law Firm at 800-883-9858 today.

Ram Truck Safety Concerns

Like many other pick-up lines, Ram trucks can roll over if a motorist takes a sharp turn or drives on a poorly paved road. These rollover accidents can result in severe injuries for those involved. This is particularly true if the roof of the truck collapses as the truck turns over, potentially causing devastating head and neck injuries.

The following factors can contribute to a Ram truck rollover problem:

  • High center of gravity
  • Loss of traction control due to slippery road conditions
  • Failures with traction control programs

Other than seat belts, safety features such as airbags rarely protect motorists in the case of a severe rollover accident. Thus, it is no surprise that rollovers have been linked with severe injuries.

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If you or someone you love has been injured because of a negligent truck design, there may be legal options available. For more information regarding your rights and options as a motorist injured in a rollover accident, contact the Ram rollover attorneys of the Willis Law Firm today by calling 800-883-9858.