Roadway Obstructions and Rollover Accidents

Rollover accidents are among the most dangerous vehicle accidents in which a driver can be involved, something which our legal team at the Willis Law Firm is intimately aware of. Many of these accidents stem from dangers in roadways, such as obstructions that cause a vehicle to flip or roll after striking it. Sadly, many different roadway obstructions may cause a person to be involved in a rollover accident.

Common Roadway Obstructions that Could Lead to a Rollover

Roadway obstructions can take numerous forms. Some common obstructions that could threaten your safety may include:

  • Debris / trash
  • Accident remnants / debris
  • Construction equipment
  • Brush / branches
  • Damage to roadways

While these obstructions might not seem like a major issue, they can wreak havoc on an unsuspecting driver who approaches them suddenly. In fact, such obstructions often cause drivers to be involved in rollover accidents that could likely have been prevented if the municipal agency in charge of the road had properly removed the obstruction.

Talk about Road Obstructions and Rollover Accident with a Lawyer Today

If your safety and wellbeing has been compromised because of involvement in a rollover accident, then you may be looking for compensation to help cover any costs you’ve incurred. Whether the accident was the result of a vehicle defect, a roadway obstruction, or another driver’s negligence, you could be due monetary compensation. Contact an attorney at the Willis Law Firm today to discuss your options for pursuing legal action by calling 800-883-9858.