Rollover Risks with the Mitsubishi Challenger / Montero Sport

First made available in the United States in 1997, Mitsubishi’s mid-sized Challenger, or Montero Sport, may be particularly prone to causing rollover accidents due to the vehicle’s design and size. The vehicle’s tall profile, when compared to its narrower base, raises the center of gravity in the SUV. As a result, various road conditions and emergency road maneuvers may contribute to the vehicle tipping onto its side and rolling off of the road.

Causes of Rollover Accidents with the Mitsubishi Montero

Given the Montero’s size, these vehicles have a significantly raised center of gravity compared to smaller cars. However, the wheelbase of the vehicle isn’t equally widened to meet the increased height. As a result, the Montero may be more likely to enter into a highly destructive roll in the following situations:

  • Slick road conditions
  • Sharp turns or emergency swerving
  • Electronic Stability Control failures
  • T-bone accidents

In many of these situations, a driver can’t take reasonable action to prevent a rollover accident from happening. The vehicle’s higher center of gravity is simply too dangerous for them to compensate for on the road, and they may be severely injured in the ensuing rollover accident as a result.

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