Seat Belts Defects and Failures during Rollover Accidents

Seat Belt Failures and Seatbelt Defects Include:

  • Seat Belt Buckle Inertially Unlatching During Rollover Accident or Collision
  • Shoulder Belt Retractors that skip or fail to hold under load
  • Shoulder Belt that allow too much slack (window shade seat belt design)
  • Automatic or door mounted seatbelts that kill and maim
  • Shoulder only belt strangulations (clothes line effect) and neck and spinal injuries
  • Dangerous Lap only seat belt injuries and deaths in rear seat and center seating positions
  • Chrysler Generation 3 / GEN 3  Seat belt Buckles Inadvertent or Unintentional Unlatching or Releasing During Crashes

Seat Belt Injuries, Ejections & Deaths during a Rollover Accident

During the violence of a SUV rollover, truck or van rollover, the vehicle and its occupants are subject to potentially destructive and deadly forces. A properly designed vehicle that is crashworthy helps to minimize the destructive effect of these forces by distributing them over as longer a period of time, over as large a surface area as possible and to parts of the body that are more capable of withstanding such forces. Crashworthiness cases in law typically involve the failure to one or more components to meet these basic design objectives. In a rollover a properly designed and working seat belt safety restraint system is a must for survival. Seatbelts perform a central role in occupant protection. Properly designed seatbelts should restrain the occupant by preventing ejection and minimizing the occupant’s violent movement within the vehicle during the crash event. Unquestionably, seatbelts have saved thousands of lives. With the introduction of mandatory usage laws, many more Americans are now wearing seatbelts compared to prior decades. As a consequence of more frequent usage, design flaws in seatbelts have become apparent. The most common of these design defects and failures involve seat belt buckles that fail to hold or restrain on impact, shoulder belt that allow too much slack (window shade seat belt design), shoulder belt retractors that skip or fail to hold under load, automatic or door mounted seatbelts that kill and maim when the door opens during a rollover or crash, shoulder only belt strangulations and neck injury defects and dangerous lap only seat belt injuries and deaths.

Rollover & Seat Belt Failures – Defects Seatbelts

If you or a member of your family has been involved in a SUV rollover accident, van rollover, truck rollover or wreck in which seat belt buckles failed to hold or restrain on impact or during a rollover and the occupants were ejected, seriously injured or killed then call us now. Mr. Willis is a Board Certified Personal Injury Attorney with over 20 years of product liability and Rollover litigation experience. Call the Willis Law Firm at 1-800-883-9858 for a Free & Confidential Consultation or Click Here

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