Sudden Engine Stalling at Highway Speeds

Stalling may be due to defective ignition modules & sensors.  A vehicle can stop or stall out at low or high speeds, even while on the highway without any advance warning. When this happens, it can cause loss of electrical equipment, loss of steering, loss of control, loss of power, loss of power brakes resulting in wrecks, accidents and even rear end collisions. Many models of cars, trucks & vans & ignition part makers have been recalled due to stalling including  Ford, General Motors, Chevrolet, Mazda, Mercedes Benz, BMW, GMC, Subaru, TRW, Volkswagen (VW), American Motors, Western Star Truck, Hyundai, Chrysler, Dodge, Volvo, AM General (Hummer), AMC, Peugeot ,Jaguar, Toyota, Harley and Honda due to stalling vehicles, fuses, faulty fuel pumps, motors, wiring, trucks and motorcycles, ignition problems, faulty wiring, defective modules/sensors and/or other problems

Causes of Stalling, Module & Sensor Failures

Many vehicles stall is due to the temperature of the ignition modules/ sensors tend to rise increasing the chances of failure resulting in stalling or cutting out. This ignition module or electrical sensor can overheat due to the manufacturer’s placement of the ignition modules too close to the engine or other heat source or failure to shield it from the heat. This type of sensor or module failure is not news to the auto makers or NHTSA. With many module or sensor failures, the vehicle can be restarted after the vehicle/ sensor &/or modules has cooled down.

Stalling Cars- Accidents, Injuries & Deaths

If you or loved one have been seriously injured or a loved killed in accident that you believe occurred due to the vehicle stalling out,  then you should consult with lawyer to investigate the accident and determine if a faulty or defective engine or ignition sensor or module or other component part may have caused the stalling. Call and discuss this with an experienced product liability attorney at 1-800-883-9858. Toll Free