SUV Rollover Accident Lawyer

Everyday there are hundreds of truck, van and SUV rollover accident injuries and deaths that happen due to no fault of the driver of the SUV, truck or van. A SUV rollover accident due to the high center of gravity can create a vehicle that is hard to control, steer, brake and correct in an emergency situation. Some SUV rollover accidents can occur when there is a loss of directional control due to sudden tire failure, a blowout, tire tread separation, travelling off the shoulder of the road, driving into a ditch or ravine, being hit by another vehicle and hitting a curb or median or barrier. In many of these situations a SUV rollover accident is possible.

SUV Rollover Accident Prevention

Due to the design of the vehicle the likelihood of a SUV rollover accident is of course much higher than an accident in a typical passenger vehicle or sedan. There are rollover accident prevention devices that have been on the market for over a decade that can dramatically reduce the chances of a SUV rollover accident from occurring in the first place, This rollover accident prevention device is generally called “Electronic Stability Control”. ESC can prevent a SUV rollover accident from occurring by assisting in the braking and control of the SUV during those critical times when the SUV is on the verge of being out of control. According to experts, ESC may help to prevent up to 70% of the single vehicle SUV rollover accidents from occurring.

Consequences of a SUV Rollover Accident

Once the a SUV rollover accident occurs, the occupants of the SUV may be killed or maimed due to roof crush from weak roof supports that crush or collapse, seats that deform, seatbacks that fail, overly aggressive airbags, defective shoulder belts, too much slack in the seatbelt, dangerous lap only belts, seat belt buckles that open during a crash, window glass / windshields that allow passengers to be ejected during the rollover and vehicle that do not have rollover airbags, side mounted airbags and doors locks / latches that may open during the SUV rollover accident.

Roof Mounted Airbags & SUV Rollover Accident

If there is a SUV rollover accident, then the occupants will survive the rollover accident if the vehicle is equipped with roof mounted airbags, or rollover airbags. In a SUV rollover accident, the upper torso and head may come in contact the roadway, the ground, pavement or other objects outside of the “safety” cage that the roof and doors are suppose to offer to the occupants. A roof mounted rollover air bag prevents head slaps that often results in severe head injuries, spinal cord injuries, brain damage and even death, The roof-mounted airbag keeps the head in a safer area, so long as the roof stays intact without major roof crush or deformation of the roof pillars.

SUV Rollover Accident Lawsuit

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