SUV Rollover Accidents & Lawsuits

Every day in the United States there are hundreds of SUV, Passenger Van & Light Truck rollovers. Often times these rollovers are caused wholly or in part by tire failures, tire tread defects (detreading or delamination), poor stability design, poorly designed suspension system and inadequate brakes. Once the rollover occurs, the occupants face additional dangers from weak roof supports that crush or collapse, weak seatbacks that fail, the lack of headrest or head restraint devices, overly aggressive airbags, defective or poor fitting seat belts, dangerous lap only belts, seat belt buckles that open during a crash, finally window glass / windshields that allow passengers to be ejected during the rollover and defective fuel tanks, fuel systems that can lead to fuel fed fires after the rollover or crash is finished.

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Tire Tread Separations, Blowouts & Tire Failures.
Rollover accidents often due to in part defective tire blowout or sudden tire failure can cause a loss of control for many SUVs, Vans and Trucks. Tire failure defects can cause the adhesion of the rubber and plys / tread to separate especially when it heats up at high speeds or during the summer months. Tire recalls due to tire defects, failures and blowouts includes Firestone, Bridgestone, Cooper Tire, General Tire, Kelly Springfield, BF Goodrich, Goodyear, including the latest news on Cooper Dominator Sport A/T Tire Recall. Tire Failure Rollover Accidents

Fifteen Passenger Van Rollover Cases.
15 passenger vans roll over at alarming rates due to a high center of gravity and over loading. Churches, schools and colleges across the USA still use these vans daily. Besides rolling over the 15 passenger vans have roof crush, seat belt, airbag and tire tread separation problems that also contribute to 12 & 15 passenger van rollover injuries and deaths. 15 Passenger Van Rollover Lawsuit.

Rollover – Roof Crush can cause catastrophic injuries as a result of weak vehicle roofs that collapse during rollovers. In many of these roof crush/roof collapse cases, the roof supports known as the roof pillars, collapse allowing the roof to intrude into the occupant space. Typically persons injured by roof crush have lower-cervical neck fractures, spinal cord injuries SCI, paralysis due to injuries to the C4, C-5 or C-6, brain contusions, closed head injuries, traumatic brain injuries (TBI) and even death. Roof Crush – Roof Pillar Failures

Electronic Stability Control (ESC) – Could it have prevented your rollover?

Often called Anti Rollover Computer or Rollover Prevention Device, a SUV with Electronic Stability Control will have a greater chance of avoiding a rollover by over 60+%. Although ESC was developed over a decade ago, many auto, truck and SUV manufacturers have been very slow at installing it until recently. ESC is a life saving device. Read more about Rollover Prevention and ESC.

Life Changing Rollover Accident

No one ever expects to be seriously injured or lose a loved one in an accident, but unfortunately serious life changing events happen. When you are injured in an accident, or if it’s a loved one or family member who is seriously injured or killed, the medical problems, financial and family problems can be overwhelming. That’s why we recommend that if you, a close friend or loved one has been involved in a serious auto accident or SUV rollover, then they may need to talk to or consult an experienced lawyer that is not a novice in the area of products liability law, vehicle crashworthiness and rollover issues.

Remember in a products liability action you are going up against a multi-billion dollar corporation. Many times they do not play by the same rules that you think is fair and honest. You are just a number to them and while they may say they care, their bottom line is saving the big company money and not paying out any money for their mistakes. After representing clients in serious products liability cases for over 30 years, we know most of their tricks and know how to protect our clients from most of the traps that they will lay in these cases.

The Willis Law Firm – Representing the Seriously Injured for Over 30 Years

The Willis Law Firm is a Texas-based law firm with a strong national presence and recognition. David P. Willis has gained a national reputation as a leading personal injury lawyer. He specializes in the prosecution of serious injury cases, involving burns, paralysis, brain damage, spinal cord injuries, traumatic brain injuries and wrongful death suits against automobile, SUV and tire manufacturers, chemical plants, pharmaceutical companies and other corporate entities. Throughout his 30+ year legal career, Mr. Willis has been personally compelled to force manufacturers to be accountable for their negligent acts and for the sale of dangerous products that kill and maim the consumers in the United States. His educational, career and legal background includes:

  • Baylor University (BA 1978)
  • South Texas College of Law (JD 1982)
  • State Bar Of Texas (Since 1983)
  • New York Bar Association (Since 2005)
  • Supreme Court of Texas – Attorney (1983-1984)
  • Vice President of Harris County Bar Association  (1984-1985)
  • Board Certified Personal Injury Trial Lawyer (Since 1988)
  • Association of American Trial Lawyer (ATLA) (Since 1988)
  • Texas Bar Foundation (Since 1996)
  • “AV” Rating (Highest Peer Review Rating) by Martindale Hubbell
  • United States Patent Holder

In 1997, Mr. Willis was involved in one of the nation’s first Firestone ATX Radial Tread / Belt Separation and Ford Explorer rollover cases which occurred in Texas. A products liability lawsuit was filed in 1998 against Ford and Firestone due to the Ford Explorer going out of control and rolling after the back left Firestone ATX radial tire’s tread came off. After a long battle with Ford and Firestone a very significant confidential settlement was reached by all parties. On July 17, 2001, Mr. Willis was recognized as one of a very select group of products liability attorneys in the nation and was awarded the prestigious Steven J. Sharp Public Service Award for his contributions in investigating and gathering evidence pertaining to tire belt separation and vehicle rollovers in Firestone Tire and Ford Explorer Cases. The efforts by these selected attorneys and others helped lead to the largest recall in U.S. history. This award was presented to Mr. Willis by the President of the Association of Trial Lawyers of America. In 2005, Mr. Willis filed the nation’s first wrongful death lawsuit against Ford Motor Company as a result of a death of an Iowa woman who died in her house after her Ford F150 erupted into flames trapping her in the burning house.

“My firm is committed to representing individuals and families who have been the victims of a wrongful death or serious personal injury. Although monetary compensation cannot heal the emotional and physical scars left as the result of a serious accident, it can help in many cases to relieve much of the economic stress and hardship associated with the injury or loss of a loved one. Many times it is the only means of support and future security for the injured individual and their family. Litigation may not bring back a loved one, or heal a serious injury, but it may serve to help prevent others from having to endure the same loss.”

David P. Willis – Houston, Texas

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The Willis Law Firm is a Texas-based law firm with a strong national presence and recognition. David P. Willis has gained a national reputation as a leading personal injury lawyer. He specializes in the prosecution of serious injury cases, involving burns, paralysis, brain damage, spinal cord injuries, traumatic brain injuries and wrongful death suits against automobile, SUV and tire manufacturers, chemical plants, pharmaceutical companies and other corporate entities. Throughout his 25+ year legal career, Mr. Willis has been personally compelled to force manufacturers to be accountable for their negligent acts and for the sale of dangerous products that kill and maim the consumers in the United States.

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Mr. Willis is licensed attorney in New York and Texas.  He is a Board Certified in Personal Injury Trial Lawyer, certified by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization. Read more about Board Certification. Principle office is Houston, Texas.

Mr. Willis has represented clients in personal injury, auto accident, SUV rollover, van rollovers, truck rollovers and other product liability and negligence cases from across the United States, including clients from Alabama, Arkansas, Arizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana, North Carolina, Nebraska, New Jersey, New Mexico, Nevada, New York, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Virginia, Vermont, Washington, Wisconsin & West Virginia.

Further, any statement or reference to past personal injury, products liability or SUV rollover lawsuits, settlements or verdicts should NOT be relied upon in one’s own case or in your decision on which law firm to hire. All clients’ cases, facts, injuries, damages, venues and lawsuits are different and there is NO way to predict the outcome of a particular case, verdict of a jury or judge or the strength of a case before a judge, jury or the appellate court system. The client is responsible for all of their own medical expenses. All cases are handled on a contingent fee basis. NO attorney’s fees or case costs charged to client, unless a recovery is made for the client. Often in very serious and catastrophic injury and death cases Mr. Willis may associate with another products liability attorney as co-counsel and in other matters, the case may be referred. In cases where a legal matter is referred, Mr. Willis will continue to maintain joint responsibility with the handling attorney or lead counsel and actively monitor the progress and development of the case.  Due to his 30+ years of experience in personal injury and products liability cases, Mr. Willis will often continue to assist in working with the hired experts and engineers and in research of the defective product or other related legal matters in the case.