SUV Rollover Kills Ten

Man charged in deadly migrant crash cried during interview

YUMA, Ariz. — A man charged in an August rollover that killed 10 illegal immigrants and an unborn child became emotional and started crying during an interview with investigators, according to a report released by the sheriff’s department.

Adan Pineda Doval of Guetamo, Mexico, told investigators during the Aug. 18 interview “there is nothing he can do” about what happened, according to the report, which was released recently. “He said he still feels bad about it.”

Pineda faces 10 counts of causing the death of migrants while illegally transporting them, a crime that carries a potential life sentence. He’s also charged with one count of endangering the lives of other migrants injured in the Aug. 7 crash, which occurred while the migrants were trying to evade the Border Patrol.

According to authorities, Pineda was trying to smuggle the group of illegal immigrants into California when he swerved to avoid a Border Patrol agent’s spike strip near Yuma, rolling the vehicle and ejecting many of the occupants.

Pineda estimated his speed at about 70 mph to 75 mph at the time of the crash.

Pineda said the people in the SUV were encouraging him to keep going, but he planned to stop and run away, the report stated.

He said he wasn’t ejected because he was wearing a seat belt, according to the report.


Information from: The Sun.

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